z_sendmany Generator

This applet will generate a z_sendmany command that you can pass to zcash-cli. This enables quick sends of an identical memo to a list of people. (I think this is currently limited to 54 recipients, sapling joinsplit limit) See z.cash for more information.

New User? Use ZecWallet (using this site's command syntax requires you use the command-line client. takes ~60 seconds to set up!) and this walkthrough to get started easily!

From Address:
To addresses:
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ZECpages is my project and is a fun way to interact with other Zcashers.

Contact me via memo! I'd love to hear from you: zs19dedmnrkhq2pth3jp3cnn6c5jqshnu9ss2fljllm9l0tlgqw0mtpvs9207ecywwtmx7wkrvksvn

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